Organize & Analyze

Keep organized and familiarize yourself with analysis and citation tools. If your remote research project involves learning new programming languages and using new software or if your project requires you to put together a film/audio product, be sure you are building your skills for analysis and presentation. Below are some key citation management, data analysis and organization tools, and resources to help you cultivate your understanding of various helpful tools. 

Citation management and advice on working with copyrighted material 
  • EndNote - A reference and citation management, and organization tool for life science.  
  • Zotero - A reference and citation management, and organization tool for humanities and social sciences. 
  • - A website citation tool that helps to make a web link “permanent”
  • Copyright first responders - Experts who can help with your copyright questions 

Data analysis and organization 
  • NVivo - Qualitative data analysis, management, and annotation tool 
  • SPSS License Request - A Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) – statistical analysis tool 
  • Software downloads - Free for FAS Community through Harvard Univeristy IT. Software includes: STATA, SPSS, Mathematica, Matlab, Endnote, NVivo  
  • Adobe Creative Cloud - Free license to FAS students, faculty and staff. Software suite including Photoshop, Premiere, Acrobat DC, and more 
  • Biorender - A tool for creating diagrams, illustrations, or images for life sciences; limited free service  
  • Overleaf - A collaborative writing and editing tool with publication templates  
  • Codecademy - Tutorials and courses on programming and coding; limited free content  
  • Social Explorer - A web-based geographical information mapping tool 
  • SimplyAnalytics A web-based mapping, analytics, and data visualization tool (formerly SimplyMap)
  • PolicyMap - A web-based data and mapping tool for accessing data about U.S. communities  
  • China Geoexplorer - A mapping tool of government statistics, population, and economic census data of China 
  • Google MyMaps - An online map making tool
  • ESRI Story Maps - An online map making tool
  • ArcGIS - A tool for map making available for Harvard affiliates to download 
  • QGIS - An Open Source Geographic Information System (GIS) 
  • Google Earth - An online mapping tool 
  • Digital Mapping and GIS Support - Help with mapping, geographic information systems, and other geospatial tools 
  • Remote Media Help - Help with your podcasting, AR/VR, video, and visualization questions 
  • Virtual Media Lab - Consultations on data visualization, Adobe Creative Suite and visual content  
  • FAS Research Computing - Cluster software access through FAS  
  • Visualization Support - Help with data visualization tools like Tableau 
  • Online courses from Harvard Catalyst - Workshops led by Harvard Chan School of Public Health