Get Started

Set yourself up for success. The first step to doing remote research is ensuring you have the right software and hardware. Make sure your personal devices are protected while you are doing research and your data is being kept safe. Review the resources below to get remote ready!  

  • Personal Device Security – Make sure you review this advice to ensure your personal device is secure while you are doing your remote research 
  • Data Security Guidelines  Review these guidelines to understand what data must be kept secure 
  • HUIT Working Remotely  For general guidelines and resources on how to work remotely, and contacts for remote IT support 
  • VPN Set Up  Some Harvard software may require VPN set up. Note: VPN may slow your machine and its not recommended for constant use unless needed for software. 

Know your software resources. As a Harvard student, you may have access to specific software for analysis, data and citation management and will not need to purchase software. Access to some computing software may require the sponsorship of a faculty member with whom you are working. Some software is open-source and free to everyone (e.g. Python). Find resources on the Organize & Analyze page.

Understand what the research process entails. If you are anticipating doing research with human subjects, review your responsibilities as a researcher. You might want to consult with a faculty mentor and review the materials of the Undergraduate Research Training Program Portal, administered by the Committee on the Use of Human Subjects (CUHS), where you'll learn about relevant ethics workshops, drop-in hours, and specific requirements for undergraduate researchers working with human subjects. In addition you can learn about the research data lifecycle and data managment planning on the Research Data Management site.